The world of the internet is huge, with millions and millions of users double that number and you will get the number of sites available online for different products and services. Today we search for things on the internet whether you want to enquire about the weather, your food or want to book your doctor’s appointment. In such an age where people look up your website even before contacting you, it is needless to say how important websites are. Websites today are your first impressions and sadly because of the nature of the beast, if you don’t make a good one, it tends to become your last impression as well.

But you don’t have to be gloomy and sit with that early 90’s looking website, all you need to do is get Themify, a WordPress toolkit that lets you build your website from almost scratch. I say almost scratch and don’t get alarmed it is not require you to be a super coder or programmer, that part it has sorted out for you. With Themify you get to choose from a number of themes, plugins that make your site attractive, responsive and make it look effortless and smooth. With a huge number of selections Themify offers you themes for different platforms like an eCommerce site, a blog, an ad agency, a charity or anything, you have themes categorised depending on what your site is all about, making your life much simpler.

With so many themes to choose from you think that is the only freedom you get, wrong again. Themify lets you further customize those themes so that you have full creative control over how you want your site to look like. All this without having to sweat it out in a programming lab. All you have to do is click and drop things around and you will be surprised at what you achieve. From header to footer, ad banners and even dynamic content that allows you control without having to tweak the template file. Themify also allows you to preview your changes and see them live, which we think is really cool. Another cool thing about Themify is that it allows you to change your page according to what platform you will be displaying it on. So you can choose how your site will look on a desktop, tablet or a mobile phone, so say if you have a particular font for your desktop users but don’t think it looks good for a smaller device, you can have both and make that change on the mobile and tablet settings on Themify.


With a simple click here and there you can make wonders with thanks to Themify. But these guys also boast some pretty awesome plugins and add-ons. Again, each one very specific to what kind of site you are going to float, for example if you are planning to start a blog, you would want to try their Infinite Posts – which displays your posts in an infinite scroll that works in a parallax grid, or in simple terms lets you readers see older articles that you have posted on your site, whenever they scroll down.  Or perhaps you would be interested in the A/B Image plugin that would be handy if you have a beauty product. The plugin basically compares two pictures side by side. There are loads of such awesome plugins that will definitely make life simpler, when you are working on your site.

Prices and Clubs

Themify comes at a very low cost if you are thinking of dabbing into it before committing to one seriously. Themify has a range of themes that comes totally free which you can tweak. If you are interested in buying their themes, it comes at a small price of $49. With this deal you get a free theme with your purchase, so you actually get two themes for the price of one. plus you get tech support for a year, which is a great deal. But what can you do if you love all their themes, well they have a solution for that too, you can purchase access to all themes by Themify at a small sum of $79, which includes all their present themes as well as their new themes. If you don’t like what you get, you have a 30 days refund period where in you can get your money back if you are not satisfied with the product.

The themes here are great and they know it, which is why Themify has some pretty cool clubs that you can join if you are a fan. Apart from the regular buying of these, at Themify you have an opportunity to have access to their themes for a lifetime. With clubs like Lifetime Club, you get access to all their themes for a lifetime, apart from that you also have access to their Photoshop files and plugins – all this for $349. If that sounds like too much of a commitment, you can choose the popular Master Club at $139, which offers you the same as the Lifetime plan, except it’s not for a life time. Themify also has a Developer Plan that comes with all the themes, as well as Photoshop files.