Online slot games are a firm favourite amongst amateur and professional players alike – you can find them here at  The rush of pressing the buttons then watching the reels spin and anxiously hoping for the payline to match gives players an unparalleled rush of excitement. There are also no time constraints, so you can play for 3 minutes or 3 hours with the ability to stop and start whenever your heart desires. The simplicity of how they work only heightens their popularity.

Slot games don’t require as much concentration as more traditional casino games and their jackpots can be worth even more. With all of this in mind, it would be easy to assume then that there is no strategic way of playing online slot games. Surely if you rely on pressing a button and hoping for a match, it’s more luck than skill? Well although this assumption is technically correct, there are a few things you can do to improve your odds and have a better time:

Pick The Right Game For You

Remember the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, where the girl finds a bowl of porridge and a bed that’s just right? In an unexpected and peculiar way, it’s a similar situation when picking which online slot game to play. Some of them you may find a bit dull, others too loud or bright; some will have a minimum wager too small and others too large; but then you find the one that’s just right. A top tip is to find the game with the right theme and settings, which suit your taste and budget and you’re guaranteed to have more fun.

Bet Within Budget

Tip number two is to remember it’s essential to only play online slot games within your means. A good idea is to decide on a budget before you sit down to play. It sounds easy but sticking to a monetary limit is one of the surest ways you can ensure you stay in control and can afford to play. Betting within budget goes further than just setting a maximum spend however. Players should also take into account the online slot game they’re planning to play once they’ve picked a budget. As there’s little point in setting a smaller budget but choosing a game that requires a pricier bet per line. In no time your limit will be reached and no matter how successful your playing was, you’ll be left wanting more.

Take Advantage Of The Offers

The best thing about online slot games? The hundreds of potential bonuses that act to maximise your profit and gaming experience. Tip number three for playing online games is to capitalise on rewards. On nearly every online slots provider website, players are offered a new player bonus. Averaging at approximately £10 for each site, these rewards can add up and provide a healthy starting balance. The offers don’t stop once you’ve registered either! Stay loyal to certain online slot sites and you’re often offered daily free spins. When taking advantage of offers like these, anyone can play to win with free money.