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If you are like any good web developer, you will want a vast array of themes to choose from depending on what your client is looking for. They might be a business promoting an enterprise that relates to sports, law, parties, import and export, you name it. One particularly growing sector in the online space is online casinos, so why not that too? It should come as no surprise that these themes exist for enthusiasts of the traditional parlour game in the online space, with plenty of guides online on how to implement these themes. So without further ado, let us take a look at what is on offer with this particular theme.

Online Casino Responsive Theme

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The first thing you will notice about this responsive theme is just how dynamic it is. Everything from the drop down menus animating with smooth bars when your mouse icon hovers over them feels very smooth and chic, evoking the feeling of being at a high-stakes casino and basking in the limelight. The nice wide aspect ratio that scrolls through images is the perfect greeting for your splash page, and is ideal for high resolution photos that show off your online casino product. The graphical polish and attention to detail comes off the page, and is a shining example of what online gaming portals can look like to market your software smartly.

Other features include a scalability factor, which is almost a prerequisite in this day and age of mobile internet browsing, as well as different formats for viewing images and video. Parallax browsing means that scrolling up or down looks gorgeous, while information pops up in a concise and pleasant way on the eyes.

Online Casino Static Theme

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This theme, while a bit less flashy than others out there, is simple yet effective in getting a message out. Perhaps more adaptable than higher end websites that might require more processing power, this site is to the point, with a grid-type layout where a web developer could put up some photos, links, and basic information about their casino product or service. The drop down menu again features spiffy animations when hovered over by the mouse icon, while blog services, different ways of displaying photos and video, and even testimonials are things that this site showcases. Sometimes, overly complicated sites backfire because there is simply too much information to process; this site succeeds in its simplicity and ease of use.