A major factor in running a website efficiently and successfully is having a reliable web hosting service. An efficient web hosting portrays the worth of an internet site and also connects you to the marketplace where you can give your business the needed reach.

If you are looking to launch a website A2 Hosting provides an array of website hosting service which ranges from blog hosting, CMS hosting, Ad-management hosting, CRM hosting, forum hosting, eCommerce hosting and social network hosting. We will be looking at reviews on A2 Hosting as your solution to getting your business out there and reaching out to the world on whatever you have to offer.

A2 Hosting as an online access solution provides you with more than you will expect to come from a hosting company. When confidence is sought for your website, with the accessibility of 99.9% Uptime A2 Hosting assures you of the reach. In all A2 Hosting makes a difference in offering what customers are looking for and is rated 5/5 with 5600+ customer reviews that are willing to recommend this platform to close friends.

Developer Friendly Hosting

A2 Hosting provides the best, great selection development software to give you an incredible user experience. With other amazing development resources, you will be guaranteed a super-fast and top speed hosting solution; Websites are hosted on swiftserver platforms. The array of well-admired developer friendly applications provided by A2 Hosting is designed for web-developers to avail themselves a chance to choose from a list of option. Support is available for the server scripting languages and databases.

Powerful Support

A2 Hosting offers a team of knowledgeable, friendly and patient support specialist. Whether you’re new to web hosting and need basic support or you are an expert needing advanced assistance, rest assured the Guru Crew are available to lend you assistance.

A2 Hosting also offers a Host-guard monitor to improve customer experience. The Host-Guard is A2 Hosting server monitoring system that patrols for software, network and server problems permitting quick issue resolution. In addition to this, every A2 Hosting server contains Host-Guard, but it is usually a hands-free monitoring system entirely managed by the Guru Crew.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

A2 Hosting customers attain success because they can rely on their websites and servers availability anytime. There is no other approach to express it; the offering gives 99. 9% Uptime guarantee which is a necessity if your desire is to get the best on hosting solution. With A2 hosting solution, there is no down time because your website will be up and running all the time and this will consequently help to enhance your viewers and clientele experience.

Anytime money back guarantee

You’ve read the list of a few of the impressive features. Also hosting your website with A2 solution is risk-free. With the anytime money back guarantee, if you decide to cancel your account within the first 30 days of registration you can get your full money back or prorated reimbursement of unused service after 30 days. A2 Hosting offers this kind of guarantee opportunity to customers as they are convinced that you will be impressed with the topnotch service they have in the offering.

Swift Server Fast Hosting

A2 Hosting offers SSD (solid state drive) hosting instead of the previously used HDD hosting. The SSD hosting helps to guarantee secure and fast loading for every web page on your website. The SSD hosting can perform thousands of input/output functions every minute as against hundreds of input/output function for HDD hosting. With extra resources to boost your website overall performance and speed during traffic spikes. A2 hosting as a fast web hosting provider also have swiftservers platform to provide your site the needed speed.

Perpetual Security

A2 Hosting security takes a proactive measure when it comes to dealing with security threats. Perpetual Security is designed to lock down the servers by using a number of resources including Brute Force Defense and Server Hardening.

Server Rewind

You will love A2 Hosting own backup hosting technology. Web Server Rewind automatically creates info backups of your server and website every few hours. They are to ensure that individual files, directories, websites can be quickly recovered from your most recent snapshot backup rapidly in few minutes.

Socially Responsible Hosting

A2 Hosting is not only pleased to lend a helping hand to social causes but in reality, have a number of ever Green friendly practices that play a role in a healthy environment.

5-Star Testimonials By Clients From Worldwide

The simplest way to actually learn about a company is always to read what current customers have written about them. A2 Hosting partners with third party Testimonials Company to allow current customers to post honest evaluations for future customers to see.

A2 Hosting really listens to and use customer opinions to improve their services. And it shows! According to the site ReviewInc, A2 Hosting is rated as 5/5 with 5600+ customer reviews which would suggest A2 Hosting to friends and family who are looking for a web hosting platform.


In summary, for a web developer or an individual seeking to take your business online, A2 hosting is your best bet. They have great plans, with different component for you to choose from to take care of your needs. With A2 hosting you get prompt customer friendly support to respond to whatever concerns you are faced with 24/7/365. You can be confident on their reliable uptime and super-fast online access.