Advanced WP Columns

It is pretty much common that you will be interested in adding multi-column content in your WordPress blog. The end purpose can be anything you wish of BUT the decision of adding multi-column will leads toward better prospect in creating a clear post. In this article, we will be going to discuss on how one can add multi-column content layout.

Steps To Follow

  • You need to install and activate the plugin name Advanced WP Columns plugins.
  • On activation, go to a post or page edit screen in your WordPress dashboard where you will notice a new button name “Advanced WP Columns” in the visual editor.
  • On clicking, it will allow you to easily create column layouts.
  • You get an option on to choose anything from pre-set two, three or four column layouts.
  • On selection, now all you have to do is to drag the Add button to the columns bar to create a new column while if you want to delete a column, simply drag and drop the Remove button to the column you want to remove.

Plugin To Use: Advanced WP Columns

Advanced WP Columns plugin provides you to set up your blog content in the multiple columns using simple user interface, without any short codes.

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