It often makes you felt wondered that if you can edit a comment you just add-on to the site. It might be because you either you want to correct the things over spelling or grammar point of view or you want to add or delete on what you just mentioned. It’s pretty much common that we all want to do so sometimes.

WP Ajax Edit Comments

While majority of sites don’t allow users to do so by letting them edit their comments once it is published, but if you run a site which receive lots of comments, then it will be one of the best thing you can give to your visitors: the freedom of editing their comments. To do so, we suggest you on first installing and activating the plugin name WP Ajax Edit Comments. On activation the plugin will let users edit their comments after sending it for limited time.

Plugin In Use: WP AJAX Edit Comments

The plugin allows users to edit their own comments for a limited time while administrators can edit all comments on the front-end.


  • Can edit all comments.
  • Can move comments.
  • Can blacklist comments.
  • Can approve, mark for moderation, mark as spam, and delete all comments from a post or the admin panel.
  • Undo functionality for most editing options.
  • Can choose different icon sets for use on your blog.
  • Dropdown menu to de-clutter the interface.
  • Improved RTL support.
  • Various admin-panel options including can edit comment time, can specify anonymous user options, can specify logged-in user options, can choose between Akismet and Defensio for spam protection and can disable timer.

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