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Getting you an online presence is quite easy these days. Either you can take the help of a professional and get yourself a nice good looking website or you can spend some time and use website maker tools and set up a website or blog with your own hands and to your own imagination. Your web hosting platform will also give you a lot of information on how many people are visiting your site and where are they coming from, what operating system are they using. But all this won’t lead you anywhere if you are looking to make some money from your site or sell a few products of your own. For that, you need to know where your visitors are looking and where are they likely to click. If you are looking for free tool to bring you all this information, there is Ptengine.

An important tool when gathering information about your website’s visitors is the heat map. This is an excellent tool to tell you what your website users are spending time on and where they are clicking the most. Depending on this you may want to change the location of your advert boxes, Subscription forms, Facebook Like Button or Check out buttons, whatever is your priority. In addition to knowing where your site visitors are clicking, Ptengine also tells you where your visitors’ attention is thanks to its Attention Heatmap. This tool can help you redesign your sites webpages or landing pages or even the shopping cart, so that people do not leave your site in the midst of a purchasing decision.

While traffic analysis is a regular feature of analytic software and they even tell you your popular posts or items in your store, Ptengine takes the pains to analyse your pages as well. This comprehensive analysis can tell you exactly which images or videos are grabbing attention and which menus are accessed the most while also pointing towards elements on your website that might be pushing people away. If there are many things to offer, it is usual for websites to use a scrolling menu. But such menus also mean that you as the website’s administrator do not know if your visitors are actually accessing this option. Ptengine address this issue as well and can provide a complete insight of your scroll menu like how many visitors are scrolling through, how many clicks are made in the region and help you decide if such a menu is helping your cause or not.

The Ptengine automatically includes major events such as file download request or links that are taking your visitors to other sites permanently so that you do not have to include such events in your weekly reports. You can also use the data from the analysis to set up conversion funnels so that you can predict user behaviour on your site. So, lead people from leaving your page to staying on your page to adding items to cart and from just adding items to cart to actually purchasing them. Ptengine also helps you quantify how your site is doing by keeping track of conversion rates over a period of time and also lets you Tag your conversions so that you compare them and manage them easily.

All of Ptengine’s analysis is also available in real time so that you can monitor the progress and make quick adjustments, where necessary. Analysis includes geographical locations of your visitors and associated behaviour such as pages referring in, the operating systems or platforms used to access your site etc. The tool is capable of not only handling data from different devices but also lets you handle multiple domains using the same profile. So, you could be selling women’s apparel one website and pet food on the other but all you need is a single Ptengine account to monitor them both.


Ptengine is actually free to use as long as you want and hardly takes a minute to setup and get started. In case, you are a large enterprise and require much more focused data, there is a premium plan for $19 a month. But whatever might be the case; Ptengine can be used to improve online business and requires absolutely no professional analytic skills. Setting up a website might be difficult, but analysing the data is a really easy job, if you use Ptengine.

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team at JustWP is a team of WordPress experts led by Karan Chopra.

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  • Cherry Baaclo

    Thanks for bringing up Karan. PTengine definitely sounds like some potential offering. Will surely going to try on my blog pretty soon.

    • Yes Cherry, it is a potential offering. I am sure one on using it, you will definitely love it out. Needed any support, buzz me up please.:)
      ~ Karan Chopra

  • Joe Taylor

    Great post Karan. The good the reviewer, you are, the same level GREAT products you always bring on in front of us. Going to give PTengine a try and believe since you shared, it is going to be one of amazing product just like your earlier review.

    • Thanks Joe. I always appreciate all mine readers who think that way while it is always my uttermost responsibility to bring up the best of products reviewed. 🙂

  • Karenn White

    Hello Karan,
    Thanks for bringing such an amazing option. I got one question for you how it is different from Crazy Egg? While since Crazy Egg is in the market from quite long time.


    • Dear Karenn,

      1. The major difference between PTengine and CrazyEgg is that PTengine gives you the power to try the service for free forever ~ like that of 1.2 million pageviews in the starting (for first 30 days) while after that, you still can do the assessment of 25,000 pageviews totally free of cost while on second note, CrazyEgg basic package itself starts from $9 per month and all it offers you 10,000 visits per month.

      2. On second difference, once if you plan to move to paid plan with PTengine, it offer UNLIMITED everything, then no matter whether it will be Pageviews, Heatmaps, Page Groups, Conversions and more while on its counterpart, CrazyEgg’s Pro plan (the maximum it got on offers) even offer 250,000 visits per month and that too at the cost of $99 per month.

      I believe with above two differences it will help you to figure out things with an ease on why considering PTengine will be both profitable for both you and your website.

      ~ Karan Chopra

      • Hi Karan,

        That’s not true.

        Check out ptengine’s screenshot on the backend. I’m a PTEngine customer as well 🙂

        • Dear Leo,

          What you share we are completely aware of that but the fact is that my friend, what we share (above) in putting up differences among two is based on two prospective that is – 1. What’s free on offer? 2. What maximum limit both offer?

          While further the breakup PTEngine charge – it can be understood-able because running such a service will definitely requires some cost but again if I put that as say third point under prospective on difference among two – PTEngine offering is still much cheaper and better as compared to what Crazy Egg offers.

          Further, I would like to share with you that we are running PTEngine’s giveaway on our website – details can be checked at – – only last two days are left, so like to participate then definitely do as it provides a year free of subscription of PTEngine’s premium place. Winners will be declared on Monday, so hurry up.


          Karan Chopra
          Editor –

  • Emily Nickless

    Hello Karan,

    My question too is same as that of what Karenn asked you that how Ptengine is different from that of Crazy Egg but thanks to the answer which you already put it up, it clears all my doubts. Will be signing up for the free account first.


    • Thanks Emily. I completely appreciate your words while you are always welcome to ask any questions you got for me, I will be happy to answer them.

      ~ Karan Chopra

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