You have a developed a great website or a blog. Your content is attracting people by the thousands and is also being shared on social media. Yet, you are not seeing any rise in your subscribers list. Chances are that your forms are poorly developed or are nonexistent on the website and you have no way of collecting user information the way you want to. People are visiting your site and are leaving without giving you any information as to where you can find them next. To address this, you need a completely professional solution, such as weForms.

For a popular content management system such as WordPress, there are many form builders available out there. So, when you are introduced to a new form builder, the natural question to ask is what is so different about it? There are many features that set weForms apart from its competition but we cannot list them all here. So, we will quickly go through the best ones here. First and foremost, is the ease with which you can make forms using this tool.Unlike the major tools that are available, weForms lets you quickly design your form, whether you are a beginner or an expert. The super intuitive build and the industry specific template forms help all weForms users make their forms in extremely short time.

Developed by weDevs, this simple yet powerful plugin captures the true spirit of the developers. A young and energetic team weDevs started off as a blog and then grew from strength to strength to becoming one of the leading developers in the country and creating dynamic and empowering plugins for their users.

A quick comparison with other popular WordPress plugin options such as Pirate or Ninja forms or Formidable Pro will tell you that although the free versions are great for starters, as your site develops you need a large host of features in the Pro version, something that only weForms has managed to address. Here are a few of the many features that we liked about weForms and the reason, why we recommend this product.


A lot of form builders out there now use the drag and drop method of building forms. But, often, users find that the fields they are looking for do not exist in the options available and end up hiring some web developer to create a specific form for their site. With over 23 custom fields available, weForms ensures that all sorts of businesses can make their forms using the tool, without having to depend on a third party provider.

As a user, I often have a lot of difficulty in ensuring that all potential leads made out of contact forms are included in the company’s mailing list. By integrating the forms with popular mailing list providers such as MailChimp, MailPoet, Email campaign etc., weForms ensures that my potential leads are always in the loop about my new products or offers that I am sending out. Additionally, one can also create custom email notifications to send out to users, which can be sent upon receiving a specific trigger.

While they are extremely useful, contact forms have also been at the receiving end of spammers and spam bots that can not only bring your site down but also waste a lot of your time and resources. By including reCaptcha for security, weForms maintains the integrity of your site by not letting spambots bring your site to its knees.

weForms is also unique because it lets you break down large forms into smaller ones, thereby maintaining the readability of forms. I, for one, do not like filling out long forms and am sure that many readers do not like it too. The multi-step forms help users stay focused and fill forms without fretting about its length. Add to that, the option of adding conditional logic and you can enhance the user experience on your site by showing or hiding parts of the form depending on user responses. weForms also lets you create forms with expiry dates that become unavailable later on or help you limit the number of submissions you get.

Lest we forget to mention, all forms created on weForms are completely compatible with all mobile platforms. So you really do not have to worry about not reaching certain segments of your potential customers. The Live Preview gives you an instant view of your form as you start building it, so you can quickly edit the changes you need and see your form take its shape and you build it. With GeoLocate options, customers can even tag their locations on a map while filing the form. This is extremely useful if you are providing a delivery service.

Pricing And Conclusion

You can start using weForms for free and create as many forms with all the customizations that you desire and integration with MailPoet. If you are a little advanced user and would like to use it for your website, you need to buy the personal license at $39 a year, where you use the advanced features such as conditional logic, multistep forms and integration with MailChimp. Business license are meant for heavy users of forms. By paying $149 a year, one can use weForms on 10 websites with additional advanced features such as Google Analytics, integration with PayPal and Stripe as well as CRM integration with Zoho and Salesforce. Website developers get the entire package with all the features that they can deploy on 50 of their client websites for a fee of $399 a year.

Forms are a great way of generating leads and can really help your business go a long way. weForms, a product of WeDevs, is the fastest form builder available for the WordPress platform out there. Most user requirements can be fulfilled with the free version of the plugin. As an advanced user you get access to their greatly intuitive forms and a chance to not only collect leads but also seek feedback, register visitors and even engage your audience with quizzes. With the professional versions, you can let your imagination fly, while the hard work of building the form is being taken care by weForms. Priced differentially for different types of customers, weForms is extremely flexible form builder and comes with a 14 days money back guarantee too. There is no reason, why you should not try it out.