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Creating A Favicon For Your WordPress Blog

You often noticed a small image – actually an icon in the URL bar or at tabs. What is it? Any idea – it’s a favicon (an icon) which is associated with a website and can be used when you bookmark Read More

How To Monetize Your WordPress Blog?

You often wondered that how the big blogs make money. The answer for that is because of huge Affiliate links they place on their sites. If you are running one such blog and getting a decent amount of Read More

Free Photos For Your WordPress Blog – From Where To Find The One?


Writing up for your WordPress blog is one thing, requiring a lot of hard work, pressure and pain, but blogging is not only about writing on amazing topics but adding catchy photos on these blogs Read More

How To Secure Your WordPress Blog In 6 Ways

Started back in 2003 as a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing, WordPress now becomes the most popular and powerful Content Management System in the world. The web software Read More

Introducing JustWP.org, A Blog Dedicated To WordPress


Photo Credit: odysseygate via photopin cc

It would be a huge share of joy that, we, the G2One Network today introducing our new brand – a whole Read More

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