Started back in 2003 as a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing, WordPress now becomes the most popular and powerful Content Management System in the world. The web software used by millions of users globally, and in which the hosting of more than half of the blog itself. Not only this, but the popular brands are using the CMS too, including TechCrunch, Mashable, I2Mag, NBC and lots more.

This is huge and even getting bigger every instances passed by. Interesting and the best part while using the WordPress is that it takes mere two easy steps to install WordPress, yes the only two steps process. In order to keep the CMS work for you, today I will talk about what ways (by sharing tips and tricks) by which you can protect your WordPress blog. These tips and tricks will not only help you keeping your blog safe from hackers but also help in maintaining the much faster pace.

Do Not Use “Admin” As User


Starting with, once you have your WordPress blog in place, you do come up with “admin” as the login username. Thing to note here, avoid using “admin” at any cost as this is a common mistake which give a clear way for hackers to hack your website. What you have to do is as soon as you install WordPress, you need to create a new account and do use that one as default. Even, better as soon as you create a new account as an administrator; better delete the user “admin” as all the robots always looking out for it.

Increasing The Strength Of Your Password


Gone are those days when you can use the passwords like abc12345, xyz12345 and so on, reason with the way technology grows, breaching the authentication becomes much easier. It’s always been recommended to use strong passwords, including both small and capital letters, with numbers and different symbols which make your password much stronger. Even, in case if you don’t think of stronger password yourself, you can use the password generator software which helps you selecting the right one.

Update Regularly


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Updating your WordPress website from time-to-time is very much important, as it keep your blog safe for a long run. Developers keep on working on to solve security issues, and in order to have your WordPress websites updated, new security release comes regularly. It takes hardly few seconds time to update your blog, resulting in helping your blog run better and be more compatible with different plug-ins. As soon as update will be available, you will get notified through your WordPress dashboard itself or you do also update it manually, but remember don’t download the update from any other website except

Using .htaccess


By default .htaccess is available in your hosting folder. The .htaccess lets you blog different IPs which you believe would be security concerns for you. Even further, .htaccess will allow you to people from browsing your WordPress folder structure as well as let you hide XML sitemaps from search engine.

Protecting wp-config.php File


The time when you are installing the WordPress on server, you need to either create or edit the wp-config.php file. The fill will let you create and manage the database files of your blog. Just like .htaccess, the wp-config.php is one of the most important files you have with you, therefore it is also very much important to take measures to protect it out. Even, suggestive is to make it hide from the public, by adding this simple line of code:

<Files wp-config.php>

order allow, deny

deny from all


The addition of this will prevents the file being seen by users as well as difficult to spot by hackers and robots.

Backup Your Whole Blog


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Keeping a back up is a key stone to maintain a huge pace. You can back up your whole of blog either daily, once a week or a month, although it’s suggestive to do it at least once a day. You never know what things may come up your way and ruin your whole hard work in a one single go, so it is a good idea to have a back up regularly.