Here we will discuss about eCommerce plugin for WordPress. eCommerce and WordPress are not new terms in this web oriented world where most of the things are done online, such as buying an essay, for example. WordPress which initially was considered only the simple CMS or Content Management System also provides good eCommerce platform nowadays. eCommerce for WordPress has become quite common these days and with the availability of some advanced plugins and features, it has added to the increase in conversions and functionality on the websites.

When you will peep into the past then you will find that initially enterprises had hard time building a full-fledged eCommerce website with WordPress. However, things have changed drastically in the past few years and organizations are more dependent on WordPress to develop complete solution for feature-rich and advanced eCommerce site.

With the arrival of some new apps and plugins, customization and developing a business portal with multiple features have been made easy. Otherwise, initially it would take months to build and develop a website that could stand up to the demands of shoppers who visited your site. Meanwhile, it was also mandatory to monitor the loading time of the site which if too slow made shoppers leave your site without actually making purchases.

A list of features or plug-ins can be summarized on the basis of above discussion and to make a WordPress site perfect in terms of eCommerce:

Payment Checkout Solution

The most important element of any eCommerce site is the payment checkout. Transactions and online payment is the inseparable part of a business portal whose main aim is to sell their product and take people’s money in exchange. Not only this, an eCommerce site should also convince the shoppers about the security standards to protect the visitors’ data. If you have a secure payment checkout solution then your site will never fail to allure customers to make purchases. Stripe and Mijireh are two fantastic payment checkout solutions which can be added to WordPress eCommerce sites for great user experience.

Link Shortener

It is really not common to visualize full URL of a best seller on any business website. It’s because long product links are not only difficult to share but it also blows out the available space on various sites where you might be thinking to promote your products. Pretty Link Pro and are wonderful options for the same.


Analytics like Google Analytics and Clicky make it possible to track customer behavior which is always a linchpin of a successful website. Knowing customer behavior, you can learn important things which can help you increase sales and minimize bounces on your site.

Dynamic Pricing

The best tool for this is the Gravity Forms, which allows you to set pricing options for your product while configuring discounts to encourage more sales. In fact, you can also consider adding WooThemes to your WordPress site to achieve the same.

Shopping Solutions: Cart66

Cart66 is a wonderful plugin for WordPress eCommerce site that makes things simpler when it comes to product configuration, shipping and tax options, inventory tracking and many more. Free availability of this plugin also makes it a must have element for online business enterprises.

WP eCommerce

This is a long time eCommerce solution for WordPress and takes simpler approach to sell products online. This is highly optimized plugin which adds to its popularity among the online business persons.

I hope this small tutorial on “eCommerce Plugin for WordPress” will help you at it’s best.

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