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Best CSS Plugins For Your WordPress Blog


Known as a style sheet language, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is used for describing the presentation semantics of a document written in a markup language. It is the most common application one Read More

Best Of WordPress App & Software Themes

Tech world take huge shape in recent years with more and more start-ups entering and making their place in the ecosystem. To help you ease on finding the perfect theme for your tech business, in this Read More

Make Your WordPress Stand Out Of The Control

It is not so hard to make your WordPress website stand out of the crowd. You only need the right tools and services, like in every other industry.

Find below awesome WordPress themes and plugins, logo Read More

WordPress Contact Form Plugins Collection


Here in this article, we have showcased the WordPress contact form plugins collection.

Contact Form

The plugin is a simple contact form builder, which allows the user to create and edit different type of contact forms.

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Best Free And Premium Ultra Minimalist WordPress Themes

If you hate sliders as well as an extra bulk widget area in your website, then you are definitely one among those who are looking for minimalist WordPress themes. Minimalist WordPress themes are the one among which offers the best reading interface as well as both high quality design to you. Context of same, in this article, I have collected the best available free and premium ultra minimalist WordPress themes.


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Best WordPress Navigation Plugins


The navigation plugin plays an important role when one talks about different in-and-out menus option. While certainly just like any other plugin, there are number of plugins available for the purpose, here with this article, we have rounded up the best WordPress navigation plugins list for you. Hope you like the collection.

Simple Tags

The plugin add some tools for taxonomies : Terms suggestion, Mass Edit Terms, Auto link Terms, Ajax Autocompletion, Click Terms, Auto terms, Advanced manage term.

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The plugin adds a nice page bar to your blog posts, multipaged posts and paged comments.

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Dropdown Menu Widget

The plugin adds a beautiful, CSS only dropdown menu, listing pages, categories of your blog. You can also turn your WordPress navigation menu into a beautiful dropdown menu using this plugin. It allows you to choose vertical or horizontal layout.

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WP-Parsi navigation trees

The plugin create dynamic expand/collapse tree-widget navigation from wordpress nav menu.

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Page navi slider

The plugin is an advanced and fully customizable navigation plugin using jQuery slider.

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Multi-level Navigation Plugin

The plugin adds a CSS based dropdown/flyout/slider menu to your WordPress blog.

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Floating NextPrev

The plugin displays icons for navigation between your posts so practical and fast.

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The plugin brings Single and multi-level menus for your WordPress site, styled with customizable menu templates.

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Related Posts

The plugin links to related content to help your readers.

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Collapsing Categories

The plugin adds a widget which uses Javascript to dynamically expand or collapse the set of posts for each category.

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PageNavi Automatic Page Numbers

The plugin automatically adds page numbers at the bottom for easier navigation.

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Child Page Navigation

The plugin provides a theme-independent widget that lists the child pages underneath the current page.

More Info |

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Best Of WordPress Notification Plugins


Here in this article, we are showcasing the amazing WordPress notification plugins for you. Hope you like the collection.


The plugin creates multiple, rotatable TopBars that will be shown at the top of your website.

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Top Bar

The plugin lets you add a topbar to your website. Create a notification bar in no-time and show a message and a button to your visitors.

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MailChimp Top Bar

The plugin lets you add a MailChimp opt-in form in a top bar to your WordPress site.

More Info | Download


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Best Hand-Picked WordPress Hotels Themes

5 Types Of WordPress Plug-Ins For Business Websites


Small businesses that rely simply on the social media as the form of their online presence are missing out on many benefits of the Internet (Forbes, Nov 2013). Therefore, it is obvious that you need a website if you want to help your small business grow. WordPress is an excellent tool for this and there is some cool plug-ins that you can use to make an awesome website.

Plug-ins for a Faster Website

You only have a dozen or so seconds to hook your visitor to your website. Do not waste that precious time on the upload of your website. You need plug-ins that makes this process faster and easier. Among the most used and most popular plugins to do this is the WP Smush It which resizes your photos before you upload them. In this way they do not slow down the upload. More technical stuff will be sorted out with W3 Total Cache that will definitely speed things up.

Comment Moderating Plug-ins

Aksimet is one of those plug-ins that website users sweat by. It removes spam content and spam comments before they even appear on your comment section. Also, CommentLuv is important for those that want to develop and nurture the feeling of community between the website owners and users. Quality commenting, networking and online presence is all a part of recipe for success.

Business Specific Plug-ins

Each of the businesses has its own specific needs. If you dig through the available plugins, you will definitely find something that will make your reach out more effective. For example, if you organize events, you can find a WordPress even ticketing plugin that makes selling tickets easier. WooCommerce can allow you to accept many paying options through your website if your business is about e-commerce.

SEO Plug-ins

Good SEO is essential if you want to have a successful site that has a lot of traffic. Different plug-ins help you with this is different ways. For example, nothing hurts you more than broken links on your website. Broken Link Checker will fix that for you. Moreover, 404 to Start will let you redirect all non-existent page searches to a page of your choice. On the other hand, Yoast is a very extensive plug in that does wonders with helping your site become more visible to search engines. Marketing Optimizer is very popular among the WordPress users for its ability to sum up all that is needed to help you organize good marketing campaigns.

Social Network Plug-ins

Integrating your social networks into your website is very important. Facebook Comments is one of the first plug-ins that you need.

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10 WordPress Snippets That You Don’t Want To Miss

Computer Programming

Update WordPress URL

Adding the following snippet to function.php file will let you update WordPress URL

Source: Snipplr

WordPress WP_ Settings

The snippet let you set some WordPress directories / paths directly to the server name.

Source: Snipplr

Access Request URI for template reuse

The following snippet will let you access request URI for template reuse

Source: Kovshenin

WordPress Widget

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