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Businesses, agencies, and freelancers have a burning need to manage multiple WordPress sites in the most efficient way possible. There’s always the option of logging into each site individually, and working on their themes, plugins, contents, and so on. But such a method is time-consuming and energy-sapping. Thankfully, there’s an effective tool that can house all of your WordPress sites in one place, thus saving you time and energy.

WPMU DEV is one such tool. WPMU DEV is a helpful tool that makes life easy for people with multiple sites. If you own multiple sites, you will admit that updating themes and plugins alone, can be tasking. Employing a tool such as WPMU dev can save not just time, but also give you an extensive range of features you can take advantage of. The tool takes the burden of checking site uptime, performance, and integrity, and as such, you have the time to focus on another aspect of your site.

In this review guide, we will dive into what WPMU dev has to offer and check out how it matches varying needs.

WPMU Dev is an incredible but complex tool that does a fantastic job for webmasters who handle several sites. First things first, WPMU dev promises a full house approach that includes site management, support, hosting, and plugins.

There’s a certain hype around the features and capabilities of WPMU dev, and we are about to see if the hype is worth it. Let’s look at some of the standout features of the platform.

WPMU Dev makes life easy for webmasters who deal with multiple sites. A walk through the platform shows some prominent features that make the platform a must-have.

Firstly, the unified dashboard enables users to manage sites from a single place. This dashboard which is called the hub by WPMU houses all the sites. Users just need to add the sites to the Hub. This eliminates the need to login into the sites one by one. It gives full access to each update, search ranking and performance and so on. In addition, users will have control over updates, site security, and backup copy creation. Users who manage other people’s sites will love the fact that they can get reports about activities on the go.

Secondly, the WPMU Dev makes it easy for migrating and replicating sites. With capable hosting services, users can house all their sites (as well as those of their clients) in a unique platform.

Thirdly, WPMU Dev offers some amazing premium logging. Along with the dashboard (the hub), users will have access to premium plugins that will help boost your sites. The plugins include Smush Pro, Defender Pro, and Hummingbird Pro. These plugins help to boost site security, optimize images, and boost site performance respectively.

Pricing and other benefits

WPMU Dev has three pricing tiers:

$15.83 per month: For personal use and single sites

$32.50 per month: For freelancers with up to 20 sites

$41.25 per month (current discount price): Unlimited sites with other added benefits.

WPMU Dev offers a 30-day free trial, which you can cancel at any time if you feel the platform does not deliver as promised.

Benefits of WPMU Dev

  • WPMU Dev is a standout platform that houses lots of values and features. It is Crafted for people/agencies that are responsible for several websites. Some of the benefits of WPMU include.
  • WPMU Dev provides a Cloud Server which gives your sites a certain level of Independence. These sites don’t share resources with themselves. This adds another layer of security and speed
  • Great for people with little or no tech background
  • WPMU hosting is reinforced with SSD storage, dedicated memory, CPU and so on.
  • The servers used for WPMU dev hosting, are located at different places in the world, and this AIDS performance and speed.


Looking to create and manage sites that are secure, fast, high performing and stable? Look no further than WPMU Dev. The platform takes an inclusive approach to building and managing top-quality sites that are different, unique, and high-performing. WPMU Dev prides itself in building a platform that prioritizes speed, security, performance, and quality. With its collection of top-quality plugins, desirable security solutions, strong marketing properties, rapid content delivery system, WPMU Dev is worth the hype after all.