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Best Of WordPress Creative Themes

Creative themes always win an upper edge in one’s mind and heart, then no matter whether the theme is new or old. Well to bring up more amazing creative themes in front of you. Here in this article, Read More

Amazing WordPress Themes For Creative Minds


While some got love for web design, while other got love for something else. Well to encourage that love more, I have collected the amazing WordPress themes which believe sounds as the best for Read More

Best Of WordPress Creative Themes

Creativity these days plays a very important role, then whether it will be just for a small presentation or for the whole of big business on the way. I am sure, people around do consider on thinking Read More

The Creative Code Experiments One Fall In Love With

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DailyNotes Theme By Elegant Themes


DailyNotes Theme

  • Theme Name: DailyNotes
  • Theme ClubElegant Themes
  • Categories: Magazine, Creative
  • Colors: Red, White
  • Width: Fixed Width
  • Features: Gravatar Ready, jQuery, Options Page, Square Corner, Threaded Comment Ready, Valid XHTML
  • Sidebar: Right Sidebar
  • Price: $39


The goal with Daily Notes was to make the simplest and most elegant medium possible through which you could share your daily life. The theme is very minimal in its design, and has been trimmed down Read More

Wikeasi Theme By WooThemes


Wikeasi Theme

  • Theme Name: Wikeasi
  • Theme ClubWooThemes
  • Categories: Creative, Corporate, Magazine
  • Colors: Blue, Gray, Brown, Green, Pink, Red, White
  • Width: Fixed Width
  • Features: Twitter Ready, Flickr Integration, Gravatar Ready, jQuery, Options Page, Rounded Corner, SEO Friendly, Valid XHTML, AdSense Ready
  • Sidebar: Right Sidebar
  • Price: $70 to $150

Theme Key Features:

=&3=&: Reference management, for easily annotating posts and pages, with it’s own dedicated custom post type and a WYSIWYG form button to link the references to content. Tooltips on each reference to show information about the reference in the content without taking the user away from their reading. =&4=&: Revisions logic, including a list of revisions as well as the differences between the revision being viewed and the current published version are available for display below the post content in the frontend display. =&5=&: An optional accordion-style sidebar navigation is available, using native WordPress widgets for the links. =&6=&: Customised search box, including search suggestions and an AJAX “live” search, which displays results without leaving the page. Automatic redirect on searches with a single result, to send the visitor directly to that single result (this enables quicker access to the content). =&7=&: A Dynamic table of contents for each page and post, based on headings within the content (as well as a shortcode for the table of contents). =&8=&

Crisp Theme By WooThemes


Crisp Theme

  • Theme Name: Crisp
  • Theme ClubWooThemes
  • Categories: Creative, Magazine
  • Colors: White, Yellow, Black, Gray
  • Width: Fixed Width
  • Features: Tumblr Ready, Mutlimedia Support, Gravatar Ready, jQuery, Options Page, Rounded Corner, SEO Friendly, Valid XHTML
  • Sidebar: Right Sidebar
  • Price: $70 to $150

Theme Key Features:

=&3=&: Tumblr is an impressive & very popular platform and now you can replicate that functionality & awesomeness on your WordPress-powered tumblogging site. =&4=&: This theme support the Express App for iPhone, which lets you post images, notes, links and quotes while on the go! =&5=&: Posting a variety of multimedia elements (images, video, audio, quotes, notes & links) is super-easy to do and the theme handles all of the different “post types” auto-magically. =&6=&: Post to your tumblog from your dashboard, using the amazing new AJAX-powered & WooThemes-exclusive QuickPress functionality that is bundled with this theme. =&7=&: The theme has a widgetized sidebar and 7 extra Woo custom widgets (Flickr, Twitter, Adspace, Search, etc). =&8=&

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