Social media in recent years took a huge leap from nothing to somebody to our one of the best friends. Among the entire social networking site, the one which got a huge love is nothing but a micro-blogging site: Twitter. People love it more as when compared to any other social network. You can found almost every second or third site using Twitter as one if social sharing medium either in form of Twitter Follow Button, Twitter Widget or more. Counting over on this, we think of what it will look like if one wants to show only “selected” tweets in their WordPress blog.

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Steps To Follow:

  1. Considering that you wish to add Twitter widget to your WordPress site with showing tweets containing certain keyword or hashtag.
  2. Go to Twitter Widgets site and click on the search tab.
  3. In the search query box enter from:justwp #WordPress. (Replace justwp with your own Twitter handle and #WordPress with your own selected keyword or hashtag)
  4. Save your widget and copy the widget code.
  5. Now on your WordPress site, go to Appearance » Widgets.
  6. Drag and drop a text widget to your sidebar and paste widget code inside it.
  7. Save your text widget and preview your website.
  8. Doing this and you are done.

Photo Credit: Flickr/Garrett Heath