Computer Programming

Update WordPress URL

Adding the following snippet to function.php file will let you update WordPress URL

Source: Snipplr

WordPress WP_ Settings

The snippet let you set some WordPress directories / paths directly to the server name.

Source: Snipplr

Access Request URI for template reuse

The following snippet will let you access request URI for template reuse

Source: Kovshenin

WordPress Widget Basic Stucture

Source: Snipplr

WordPress Child Theme

The following snippet will let you sort out the stylesheet


Custom Menus in WordPress

Source: Snipplr

SQL query to delete all media and attachments

The following snippet will delete all media in the library and remove all post attachments.


Simple iframe shortcode

Using the snippet will let you take iframe parameters and build an iframe through a shortcode

Source: Snipplr

Disable the WordPress file editor

The following snippet will disable the WordPress file editor

Automatically link Twitter usernames

Paste the snippet in the function.php file of your theme and it will let you automatically link Twitter usernames

Source: Snipplr

Search Posts by Custom Post Type

The snippet will let you search posts by custom post types

Source: WP-Snipp

Photo Credit: Flickr/Brad Montgomery