How To Delete Post Revisions In WordPress

While one-to-many times you felt that the post revisions you have got in hand in your blog are very much useful BUT counting on another side, it is good to clear it up. To do so, simply paste the following snippet in your functions.php file and you are done.

Snippet Source/Credit: Hardeep Asrani

How To Count Your WordPress Website Blogroll Links

Using the following snippet, you will be able to count your WordPress website blogroll links.

Snippet Source/Credit: Jeff Starr

How To Modify Size Of Embedded Videos In WordPress

Simply paste the following snippet on your functions.php file and you will be able to modify the size of embedded videos as per your requirements.

Snippet Source/Credit: Shailan

How To Removing News Feed In WordPress Dashboard

The following snippet will let you remove news feed from your WordPress dashboard.

Snippet Source/Credit: Smashing Magazine