Over the years, WordPress has been known as an effective, user-friendly platform with lots of functionality, and benefits. WordPress gives you the option to customize your website in a simple and efficient manner. But working with WordPress can be a bit challenging most especially for beginners who aren’t so proficient in coding, and for seasoned pros who may find the custom WordPress editor a bit too simple. Thus, the combination of these reasons is what has brought the need for website and page builders into the market.

These website builders or editors usually come in as Plugins and are built into some of the popular themes. The standard website builders are drag & drop builders that provide you with a simple to use editing interface with different degree of functionality, features, and performance. Of all the drag drop website and page builder’s plugin, Visual Composer is one of the most sought-after, and highly popular. We’ve created this review guide to see what Visual Composer is all about.

What is Visual Composer?

Visual Composer is a drag & drop WordPress website/page builder plugin, which assists professional or beginners to create their site in an efficient, and fast way. It provides a responsive user interface that allows for the creation and designing of professional websites, through the dragging, and dropping of elements, and contents. The plugin has pre-designed templates and compelling design options that serve as a great place to create aesthetic layouts, pages, and websites. Visual Composer is available as a free and premium plugin.




Visual Composer objective is to help you design pages and website on WordPress is an easy and efficient way. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional website developer or you are just getting started, the WordPress plugin is suited to each skill level. Even if you, not an expert web developer, you can make a well-functioning website with it.

Visual Composer comes with frontend editor that make website creation, and management easy. With Visual Composer, you can modify content on the frontend, or backend, and this something closer competitors do not possess.

It also comes with an extensive collection of content elements as well as advanced design options. Also, websites that you make with Visual Composer are automatically mobile friendly.

Finally, Visual Composer works very well with WordPress themes. This allows you the freedom to switch between WordPress themes without having any fear that you might lose some of your contents.


As earlier mentioned, in this guide, the Visual Composer comes in two pricing options; free and premium. Visual Composer offers a tremendous value for money, and it is an easy to use WordPress Plug-in with various degree of functionality.

Although limited, the free version offers lots of useful features, can help you get started with Visual Composer, most especially for beginners. The free version of Visual Composer comes with the standard drag and drop editor, and also a broad array of library elements. You will even notice that there are already pre-built templates available in the free version. That’s not all; vital editor features are also available to users when using the free option.

On the other hand, premium Visual Composer comes in three different licensing versions, with each having roughly similar features and options. The significant difference between each of the three-licensing option is the number of sites you can use the plugin on, and the ability to edit and alter the sidebar, footer, and header of the website. One site comes at $59, three sites at $149, and for unlimited sites $349.

All license gives you access to one year of updates and support, but the good news is that you will still have access to the site even the license expires, although you won’t have access to some general updates.


Despite the fact that Visual Composer has been in works for lots of years now, the plugin has always benefited from regular updates. As one of the leading plugins on WordPress, Visual Composer has had active support for years.

There is no much worry about how to make use of the plugin. The official website of the plugin has a good knowledge base that provides sufficient information on how to utilize the plugin. There is also a support system with dedicated developers waiting to answer users’ queries.

General impressions

Visual Composer is easy to utilize. Despite the fact it offers lots of features, it is ease of operation is still very much impressive. Although the editor needs a bit of getting used to due to the fact it is packed with lots of icons instead of labels, it doesn’t really affect content creation. It is worth saying that the large array of customization, function, and elements available, makes Visual Composer an efficient option to design your website.


On a final note, Visual Composer does maintain its status as an efficient WordPress plugin. It gives a responsive, flexible, and robust editing experience that you are guaranteed by default on your site. The cool thing about Visual Composer is it’s easy to use interface that makes editing simple, allowing anyone to create even the most complex of features and layouts.

Visual Composer is an efficient plugin that is handy and can be of great use to WordPress experts or newbies. It is simple and easy enough for newbies, and at the same time comes with lots of advanced features and functionality for seasoned developers as well. If you are looking for a way to better manage how your contents work, and look, then see the free version of Visual Composer, to get an idea of what is in store for you.