Now that mobile devices have become so popular all around the world, many gaming engine entrepreneurs and business people want to know how they can make their desktop or laptop games user-friendly on mobile devices.

This is because there is a growing population of men and women who play online games that are now playing all of their games on their mobile devices. Smart phones and fancy tablets are taking the place of desktop computers and even laptops too.

The problems with going from desktop versions of games to mobile versions

Many sites like gowildcasino.com/mobile are already amazingly easy to use on mobile devices, but other sites do not bode well when their playa is attempted on a smart phone or tablet device. Often, you have the issue of graphics that go off the screen, missing graphics or clickable options altogether or just a bad formatting that is too difficult to understand and not fun to play games on at all.

Making your site mobile friendly

Changing a desktop version of a game or another site into a mobile friendly version of itself is not altogether too difficult, but it will take some extra work. The first step is to assess where you are right now. Simply go to your site’s web address on your mobile device and see how it looks to start with. Now click around and see how it goes.

Becoming mobile friendly with your site

You will need to look at different aspects of your site. For example, you will need to check out the size of your font, how close links are together and whether a viewport for the mobile device is set and where. Then you need to change those things so that they are easy to navigate for users and players. This often demands the help of a mobile gaming editor.