WordPress is undoubtedly, the number one when it comes to content management systems. Whether you run a blog or a website, it is easy if it’s on WordPress. Since the time of its launch, WordPress has made life easier for its users. To put it correctly, WordPress has brought people and talent to internet world, which would probably never have been discovered. By simplifying the content management and taking away the hassle of knowing HTML and CSS for simple tasks, WordPress is encouraging users to take the internet route.

However, using WordPress completely is not all that easy, either. If you are a novice, then WordPress is great to get you started. Once you start using all its features, there is a long list of terminologies that you need to learn, understand and implement to get ahead in the internet world. Plus, being an open platform, you can always add plugins to your site and doing so, opens the possibility of tweaks needed to get your site working smoother and faster in the future. The question is, when the technicality of managing your website increases, is it worth your time to handle it or is it better to shift to Managed WordPress hosting?

What is managed hosting?

You can always outsource your website management to a webmaster or a local company. But each one has its own preferences and priorities. So, in case, you decide to change your webmaster, the next one would want your site migrated to a different host, different mark-up language perhaps, even different plugins etc. resulting in changes in either you site’s looks or performance, along with the necessary downtime to implement these changes. The worst part is, you cannot predict your audience’s response to changes, unless the site goes live. So, if the changed is not received well, it basically means further downtime to get it where it should be.

This is where a trusted company or hosting service comes to the rescue. These services do not impose their ideas on your projects. So, you can simply migrate your site to their managed hosting program and go live without any downtime whatsoever. In case, you need a little help with your site, you can always call in an expert available 24*7 to assist you. So simply pop your doubts over chat or a phone call and get the help you need immediately.

What are its advantages?

The greatest advantage of using a managed hosting service is that it is configured to deliver the performance your site deserves. Instead of having to demand extra resources from your hosting provider, you can simply run your site and enjoy the benefits of highly tuned versions of PHP, multiple layers of caching and isolated server resources. So, while you are busy generating content for your site or blog, your visitors are enjoying the ones you curated earlier in the best possible away and without any frustration that hamper delivery of your quality content.

Some of the managed hosting services like DreamPress do not use traditional spinning drives. Instead, they bank on things like Solid State Drives for data retrieval, which is amazingly fast. No more waiting for content to load. The moment a user clicks, the content is delivered to him/her in a blink of an eye. Different servers handle different requests so that data is retrieved simultaneously. What is even better is that managed hosting servers maintain dynamic memory capacities for your content. So, if you content goes viral and traffic to your site suddenly scales up, the server will still handle it and not return your potential audience due to traffic restrictions.

Is managed hosting for you?

After reading so much on managed hosting, one major question to be answered is who needs managed hosting? Well, whether you are an individual or a company, if traffic is good and increasing, switching tomanaged hosting may be a good option for you.

As far as costing is concerned, you can avail managed hosting for a reasonable price of $16.95 per month. But don’t just look at the monthly bill. Also, look at the savings in terms of time and money (Suggestion: To save big on hosting with GoDaddy, check out Mamma.com! They offer discounts on all the major hosting providers!) that managed hosting offers that you can put back into your business and reap benefits from.


Overall, managed WordPress hosting is for every website or blog owner who wants to make a mark in the industry with great content. Managed hosting takes off the hassle of maintaining your site. You can then concentrate your efforts on more daunting tasks like producing great content, venturing into newer territories and expanding your reach and reader base, making you a leading blogger in your domain, thanks to managed WordPress hosting.