Note: The review is a second in series of WordPress commenting system. If you missed out reading our Disqus commenting system review, then click here.

Blogging sometimes does not make sense if someone not gives us feedback about what we did. You don’t get any idea on how the things actually are. You will be wondering that what you are doing is either right or wrong. Commenting on blog is one of many things one can opt for as it will offer a direct influence of a visitor with the blogger.

To help you figuring out selecting the commenting system for your blog, in this article I have been sharing as well reviewing Livefyre commenting system. The commenting system is a direct rival to Disqus commenting system. It is available in both free and professional plans to suit your requirements.

Introduction: Livefyre Commenting System

Livefyre is a comment platform for real-time conversations. It centralizes conversations from around the social web back to your site, and encourages engagement between readers on your site to build community around your content. Its Admin dashboard allows you to track and monitor every interaction on your site from one location, in real-time.


Key Features

  • Real-time technology: Comments is built on XMPP chat technology for fast, lightweight conversations on your site.
  • Social Sync: the conversation happening around your articles on Facebook and Twitter automatically syncs directly to the comments on your site.
  • Social Signin: Users have the option to sign in with several social networks so that they can jump right in and join the conversation.
  • No new login required.
  • Guest Commenting: Sites can also use our guest commenting option to let their community comment without even creating an account.
  • Friend Tagging: Easily invite Facebook, Twitter, and Livefyre contacts to join the conversation right from the comment box.
  • Comment Sharing: With one click, readers can easily share comments with their contacts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Comment Liking: Let your community members recognize those commenters who elevate the conversation.
  • Rich Text Editor: Emphasize your point of view in flourishes of bold italics, or create a bulleted list to drive home your argument.
  • LinkBack: Encourage community interaction by allowing other Livefyre bloggers display a link to their latest post when they leave a comment.
  • Live Listeners: Show readers exactly how many people are viewing the page and are following the conversation.
  • Comment Notifiers: Show your readers who is participating in the conversation and what they are saying in real-time, all without losing your place on the page.
  • Media Embedding: Display Instagram photos, play videos from YouTube, listen to songs from Spotify, and cite Wikipedia articles directly in the conversation stream.
  • Comment Editing: Commenters can fix typos mistakes with a five-minute window to edit their comment after it has been posted.
  • User Profiles: Visit the other Livefyre Network sites where your community is commenting.
  • SEO Optimization: Comments 3 is Google crawl-able so you receive SEO credit for all comments, including those originating from Facebook & Twitter.

Understanding Livefyre Admin Dashboard

  • Livefyre’s centralized dashboard allows you to track and monitor every interaction on your site from one location.
  • Spam Protection: Imperium spam filtering keeps the conversation going and the spam out.
  • Community Flagging: Develop trust with community members by letting them notify you when a comment is offensive or off topic.
  • Edit Comments: Moderators can edit all comments to correct spelling and grammar, and make sure that shared links and embedded media keep the conversation clear and relevant.
  • Leave Comment Notes: No need to leave your admin panel to coordinate with your moderators, see all your communication around comments in one place.
  • Multiple Moderation roles: Delegate moderation responsibilities among Site Owners, Admins, and Moderators.
  • Whitelists & Banned Users: Authors and trusted community members can bypass pre-moderation with Whitelists.
  • Profanity Lists: Customize the settings for filtering comments for your community.
  • User Activity: See which community members are your top commenters and who you should reach out to invite them back to your site.
  • Moderation & Conversation Reports: Generate reports that give an overview of your moderation practices and see which posts are sparking the most conversations.

Download, Installation & Configuration

Download and Installation

  • Download the Livefyre Community Comments plugin file.
  • Log in to your WP Admin panel and click on Plugins from the Admin menu on the left.
  • Deactivate any third party comment plugins you may have previously installed from the Plugins menu.
  • Click on Add New from the Plugins menu.
  • Click on Upload and choose the plugin file, and then click Install Now.
  • When the automated installation has completed, click Activate Plugin.


  • At the top of the Plugins screen you’ll see a message box prompting you to confirm your blog configuration with
  • Click on this link and sign in to your Livefyre account, or create a new account if needed.
  • Once you Sign in or create a new account Livefyre will begin importing comments from your WP database into the Livefyre system.
  • We always write your comments back to your database as they are made, so you don’t have to worry about any re-imports or exports of your comments.

Summary & Review

Livefyre is a great commenting system with an extremely strong and powerful real-time engine which comes equipped with a nice looking user interface. Livefyre is well good enough for target bunch of people as I feel not everyone looking for real-time activities as say for a new blog, which hardly make its existence in the web-o-sphere requires time to influence its visitors while overall it’s good.


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Note: The review is a second in series of WordPress commenting system. If you missed out reading our Disqus commenting system review, then click here.