When working with WordPress themes, one can come across certain difficulties. It can be a technical one or simply one involving the look of the theme, a little about a side bar sticking out too much or a page behaving erratically on another device. Where do you seek help? Forums, ask a friend, ask the guys who made the theme? How about asking someone who has actually used the theme? One can get theme reviews on the site but not necessarily know how sites of other users look and behave. WP-Radar is a brand new solution to this problem, where you can find other users with the same theme, in an instant.

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, WP-Radar is a very young IT start-up but contains more than 35,000 websites and a collection of over 7000 WordPress themes. The site uses a crawler to get this information and is adding new sites and themes everyday to its broad database. Users can also simply submit their websites to the site and gain access to information about other users using similar themes. Exchange of information pertaining to theme and websites occurs in a secure area that can only be accessed by members of the site. Membership is free for all but you need to register yourself first. Once you log in, you can contact site owners and seek answers to tweaks that you are looking to make.


The idea behind WP-Radar is to bring users of WordPress themes onto a common platform where they can exchange information. However, certain users might not want to share information such as the theme being used for their popular website. In such a scenario, a simple contact form can be filled and sent to WP-Radar that will delist your site and theme information from their database.

However, WP-Radar is not just a congregation of WP Theme users. By bringing on board, theme developers as well, WP-Radar creates a new information channel that lets you address issues you face by seeking help from the best minds in the industry. With the experience of creating multiple themes and working with hundreds of customers, developers are the best help you can get and WP-Radar presents a unique opportunity to get in touch with the developing team of you theme.

An added advantage for developers to join the platform is the ability to showcase their new themes on the site. Since the site is free to use, this works like a great tool for free marketing of a brand new theme. Engaging with users on the site automatically increases a developer’s reputation, which can then be harnessed to promote the new theme as well. Additionally, you can also list your skills just as MySQL, Java, CSS etc. so that users looking for help in particular areas can find you easily.


But it’s not just the developer that gets promoted; a developing team can get together on this platform and create a portfolio to create a larger impression. WP-Radar lets you create an entire company portfolio that not only includes team members but also their responsibilities. Reviews from users can also highlight individual profiles, adding more credibility to your work and your team. So, the next time, your theme is appreciated, the people behind the theme get appreciation too! WP-Radar thus provides opportunity for individual as well as company growth.

Overall, WP-Radar is an innovative and young way to bring users and developers onto a common platform, increase conversations and also promote new themes to a more targeted audience. Promoted by Khomba Business Networking that stands for pointing forward, WP-Radar is the pointing users and developers to the future of WordPress theme usage and promotion. Led by a young entrepreneur Hein van Vlastuin, Khomba is a proud South African company looking for bring innovative solutions to South Africa and beyond. WP-Radar is their first offering and we really liked it. Try it out today for your WordPress themes and we are sure, you will like it too.