Switching Hover/Touch Events For Desktop/Mobile Devices

The following snippet will switch the classical desktop hover events to touch events.

Snippet Source/Credit: jbkflex.wordpress.com

How To Make Accessible Menu Editor

Adding the following snippet to your theme’s functions.php file, you will be able to make accessible menu editor.

Snippet Source/Credit: Webundso

How To Simulate A View Of A Page With JavaScript Onclick

Using the following snippet, you will be able to simulate a view of a page with JavaScript onclick.

Snippet Source/Credit: Reiffs.dk

How To Add Rel=”Lightbox” To All Images Embedded In A Post

The use of following snippet will let you add rel=”lightbox” to all images embedded in a post.

Snippet Source/Credit: Snipplr

How To Change The CSS In WordPress

Using the following snippet, you will be able to change the CSS in WordPress.

Snippet Source/Credit: WPEngineer