JustWP is proud to announce an amazing giveaway thanks to the awesome folks over at Ptengine. Ptengine is a user-friendly web analytics and heatmap platform which comes in both free and paid subscription basis. Further, we recently only reviewed the offering and trust us it is pretty good.  So must say participate today? The winner will be selected on March 09, 2015.

What exactly do you win?

Three lucky users will be chosen to win a premium plan free for the first year.

The premium plan comes with unlimited everything ranging from Page Views, Heatmaps, Page Groups, Conversions, Events , Data retention, Profiles, Domains, Collaborate users and more.

How to win?

The guidelines are very simple. Just email us an excellent punchline, saying –

I want to win Ptengine Premium plan subscription because (punchline need not to be more of one or two sentences).

You have to email the punchline at with putting “Giveaway: Win A Free Subscription Of Ptengine” as the subject line.

Once you have emailed, simply come back to this post and comment saying “I mailed.”

We want to thank Ptengine

We want to thank Ptengine for sponsoring this giveaway and supporting our site. If it wasn’t for them, then this giveaway would not have been possible.

Winners will be chosen randomly, and we will announce the winners on March 09, 2015 on this blog while they also are notified via email.

Note – Only winners will be notified.