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Creating A Table Of Content In WordPress

While we covered earlier about a plugin name Table of Content Plus pluginin a review article BUT still some of visitors get confused over on what context one can use the plugin or one can create a table of content in WordPress for either posts or pages.

Table Of Content Plus

Understanding Why It Is Necessary?

Adding table of content to your WordPress website will helps with search engine optimization as Google automatically adds a jump over to section links at the time when the site showed up in search results.

Why To Choose Plugin?

The process of creating a table of content can be done manually BUT it can be difficult for many WordPress beginners. Considering the situation, in this article, we have been showing you on how to achieve this.

Steps To Follow

  • You need to install and activate the plugin name Table of Content Plus.
  • On activation, you need to configure plugin settings. Simply click on Settings » TOC+ in your WordPress admin area.
  • You can select where and when you want your table of contents to appear in the main options tab while the plugin comes with default position set as “before the first heading”.
  • The second thing to keep an eye on is to decide on where the table of content will appear. By default, the plugin will display table of contents if a post or page having over four heading tags while if you wish, you can change it to the number of your choice.
  • There is also an option name ‘Auto insert for the following content types’ which on checking will enable table of contents for your posts as well automatically.

More Info | Download | Review

A2 Hosting Empowering Website Success

Are you looking to get your website online, perhaps a personal blog or a business website running WordPress? Well I have good news for you! One of the fastest names in the hosting industry, A2 Hosting, has recently launched a Fully Managed WordPress Hosting from only $12.97!

With A2, you don’t only get a pre-installed WordPress site. Your site comes pre-optimized for performance through their custom A2 Optimized plugin, pre-secured and hardened right out of the gate saving you plenty of time to work on your site.

So, what do you get for your $12.97?

Unlimited Site Staging

Are you thinking of installing a new feature on your website but not sure if it’ll work efficiently? Don’t worry; you can use A2 Hosting to eradicate such doubts. This feature enables website owners to create an exact copy of their website in a separate sub-domain, test any changes on this staging site and then push those changes to the live site once happy.

This is the best-known method used to prevent any errors on the live websites. The visitors can’t access the cloned sites, hence making the process entirely private and secure.

The best part, it is literally a few clicks to completely stage and push changes live.

Develop Site Backups With A2 Hosting

While planning all the necessary details that are to be taken care of on your website, don’t forget the site backup task. A2 allows easy backup and data storage for your website. Technological force majeure is something inevitable. Unless you don’t take the much-needed to prevent such issues, they will remain inevitable. Hence, every website must possess a site backup feature which comes along with a commendable website hosting service like A2 Hosting.

Free CDN

Do you wish to make your website loading speed extremely high and facile? There’s no better way to achieve this than using A2’s free CDN for WordPress. Using a suitable content delivery network (CDN) will ultimately boost up your website’s speed as well as reliability.  A website with great loading speed is ultimately more fascinating to the viewers than the one with low speed. Hence, it’s extremely recommended to choose good hosting services like A2 to install Content delivery network on your website. This will not only improvise the website’s speed but also the traffic on your website.

Free Personal JetPack License

JetPack provides you with some highly reliable tools to transform your websites into something more fascinating, durable as well as functional. Notifications, Statistical report of the website, facile sharing, likes, comments, subscriptions, sitemaps for better search and publicity are some appealing benefits of using JetPack for your WordPress website. Name a feature and JetPack will do the same for you in just some clicks. Overall, A2 provides the users with Personal JetPack License rendering the website design and functions to another level. A2 is without a doubt one of the only providers to offer such a mass of features at such as low price point.

Anytime Money Back Guarantee

Everyone knows, it doesn’t always work out which is sad but the truth. Having tested A2’s Managed WordPress Hosting platform, I am confident you will be as satisfied as I was though if that is not the case A2 does something a little different (yet again) with their unique Anytime Money Back Guarantee! That isn’t a typo, that says Anytime!

High Speed with Turbo Powered Services

A2 aims to gratify the users completely with all the services offered to them. Every feature available on their platform is the result of continuous dedication, in-depth analysis and hard-work. In order to make the websites faster and stronger, we have enabled Turbo powered features for them. CDN can only guide the website towards the way of high speed and faster loading. But, ultimately, it’s the turbo power that does all the work for a fast website. A2 Hosting, with turbo power services is your best hosting platform to instill gratification in your mind.

Economical and Financially-Stable Hosting Services

No matter how well a hosting service performs, ultimately it all comes down to the price. A2 Hosting has it all sorted for the users with about 67% cheaper rates than the other hosting platforms when it comes to Managed WordPress. Along with better quality services, they thrive to provide the same at an economical rate. The current price is just $12.97/month. This is the cheapest, most-reliable and astonishing hosting service users will ever come across.

Overall, A2 Hosting is an excellent way to build or modify your WordPress website efficiently. Along with efficient functioning, A2 Hosting provides users with a financially-stable way to perform the same.

Excellent CSS Plugins For Your WordPress Website

WordPress CMS

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is used widely for presenting the document semantics written in a markup language. Further, CSS is the most common application one considers using for styling the web pages written in both HTML and XHTML. Here in this article, we have rounded up the excellent CSS plugins for you.

Site Layout Customizer

The plugin customize the front page & other pages. Display your posts with different layouts.

More Info | Download

WP font-face

CSS @font-face font replacement for WordPress

More Info | Download

CSS & JavaScript Toolbox

The plugin easily add custom CSS, JavaScript, HTML and PHP code to unique CJT code blocks and assign them wherever you want.

More Info | Download

WP Live CSS Editor

The plugin edit, preview changes in real time and save all your project’s CSS stylesheets live in the browser.

More Info | Download

Browser Specific CSS

The plugin allows you to easily target specific browsers and operating systems from your theme’s style sheet using regular CS.

More Info | Download

Simple Custom CSS

The plugin add custom CSS to your WordPress site without any hassles.

More Info | Download


The plugin gives you creative control in one consistent interface – the WordPress theme customizer.

More Info | Download

Standout Color Boxes and Buttons

The plugin implements colored content boxes and buttons as described in a Studiopress blog post.

More Info | Download

Async JS and CSS

The plugin converts render-blocking CSS and JS files into NON-render-blocking, improving performance of web page.

More Info | Download

Ultimate TinyMCE

The plugin beefed up the WordPress TinyMCE content editor with a plethora of advanced options.

More Info | Download


The plugin easily manage the merging and compression of js and css files from plugins and themes.

More Info | Download

Widget CSS Classes

The plugin add custom classes and ids plus first, last, even, odd, and numbered classes to your widgets.

More Info | Download

Mobile CSS

The plugin allows you to define different CSS styles that get loaded for specific mobile devices.

More Info | Download

Why Create Websites In WordPress?

After fourteen years as one of the world’s most popular online publishing platforms, WordPress as website software has a history like few other online tools. It is one of the world’s most downloaded applications, with over twelve million individuals acquiring it throughout its lifespan. It is also one of the world’s most well received applications, generating a massive amount of praise from bloggers, journalists.

If you are new to online publishing, new to web development, or even just new to the web in general, it is likely that you’ll be using WordPress to build a website. This platform is used as the backbone of some of the world’s most important and powerful websites – the White House itself uses WordPress as a content platform – and equally as often for small, independent websites.

There is a reason for this popularity – several reasons, in fact. Using WordPress as a website platform is easy because it is one of the simplest and most user-friendly content management systems (CMS) out there, able to be used just as effectively by an inexperienced user as it is by an experienced professional. Its simple interface – split into a writing and publishing ‘dashboard’ and an advanced coding area – is intuitive and very easy to operate.

Publishing a post – or in some cases, a new page for websites in WordPress – takes little more than a minute or two. Pull up the ‘Pages’ or ‘Posts’ tab within the software’s dashboard and you will see a text entry area almost identical to that seen in an office application suite. Due to its similarity with standard applications, the transition from Microsoft Word to WordPress is smooth and impossibly simple.

Then there’s the added simplicity of adding dynamic media to your posts and pages. Unlike many other content management systems, which require you to hard code videos and embedded images into posts manually, WordPress as website software uses a simple Word-style embedding system. Click a button, pick your image, and click ‘embed,’ and it’s saved in your posts on your own web server for viewing.

It’s the same story with video content. Simply choose the file on your computer and upload it to be viewed using any one of WordPress’s HTML5 video display plugins. Longer videos and higher quality footage also benefits from being displayed in websites in WordPress. In place of the low-quality YouTube video display box we’re accustomed with, those who are using WordPress as a website platform can choose from a variety of HTML5 display fields.

To name a few HTML5 video plugins:

  • Degradable HTML5 audio and video
  • MediaElement.js – HTML5 Video & Audio Player
  • HTML5 and Flash Video Player
  • VideoJS – HTML5 Video Player for WordPress

This, combined with WordPress’s very developer-friendly nature, has made the platform one of the most customizable and versatile on the web. Thousands of extensions and themes are available for the CMS, many of which change it from a blogging platform into a completely different publishing or media tool. It’s not just for blogs any longer – WordPress as a website platform is a powerful and versatile system. For example, TEC has an overview of WordPress that lists in detail its top features, provides user reviews and compares it with competing CMS systems.

If your website needs a versatile management platform, one that will provide simple, stable, and all-round powerful options for yourself and your development team, then WordPress is the only choice. If you integrate WordPress into website assets that you already have, you’ll benefit from a platform that’s available free of charge and supported by an enthusiastic and helpful community. Indeed, this this piece of open source software is one of the greatest online developments of the last decade.

Getting The Complete phpinfo() In WordPress

It is quite a time when asking for support; the developers might require some additional PHP information. The information includes like system information, build date, configure command, server API, virtual directory support, configuration file, and loaded configuration file among others.

Well to get all these information, you need not to dig deeper BUT with the use of the plugin name phpinfo(), you will get all these information with an ease. The information will be displayed under your dashboard’s Tools >> phpinfo().

Plugin To Use: WordPress phpinfo()

WordPress PHPInfo()

Key Features:

  • It’s important for a non technical administrator to be able to diagnose server related problems in WordPress.
  • But also rapidly retrieve feedback regarding their web server.
  • The plugin adds an option to an administrator’s Tools menu which displays standard phpinfo() feedback details to the user.
  • It is a very simple script, designed to help the non technical user get immediate feedback about their blog.

More Info | Download

How To Optimise Your SEO In 2017?

If you are running a small business, it’s not always easy to make the most of your SEO opportunities. If you have the money to invest there is a wide range of SEO packages out there, which enables you to get valuable help from professionals. But, what if you want to make strides in your SEO on your own – at least to start with?

The good news is that there are ways of optimising your SEO that you can take a look at yourself. Remember that it’s important not to put too much pressure on yourself. You will probably not start to see any tangible benefits for your efforts for around four to six months. Here are some tips to get you started off in the right direction.

Good content is vital

The importance of good content is high from just about every angle of marketing. The Internet continues to become an increasingly competitive environment. If you do not provide visitors to your site with high quality and engaging content, they will simply go elsewhere.

From an SEO point of view, ever since Google Panda became a reality, in 2011, the quality of content has been part of Google’s algorithm. If you do not ensure that you have good content on your website your search engine ranking will be adversely affected; it’s as simple as that.

Mobile optimisation should not be neglected

Putting aside search engines for one minute; if your website if not optimised for mobile use, you risk losing out on a substantial potential audience. The impending arrival of Google’s mobile first indexing makes this optimisation even more important. When mobile first indexing arrives, Google will use your mobile web presence when it makes decisions regarding your search engine ranking. You can see that mobile optimisation is important from both a customer experience and SEO point of view.

Why paying attention to good navigation is vital

Customer experience is again an important factor, when it comes to ensuring that your website navigation is clear and straightforward. People should be able to access the information they need by simply clicking a call to action, or selecting a topic from a well-constructed homepage menu. If they are not able to do this, they are likely to become disillusioned with the experience and there is a good chance they will look elsewhere.

Navigation is also an important part of SEO optimisation. If Google is able to recognise the connections between the pages of your website you are more likely to secure a higher ranking.

As you can see, the SEO tasks you should concentrate on in 2017 and beyond, are also important when it comes to user experience. People tend to think of SEO and user experience as disparate concerns, but this is definitely not the case. If you pay attention to the areas of SEO we have identified, you will also be helping to improve the user experience of your website.

Meet CleanTalk, An Anti-Spam Application For Websites

So, you are really happy with the look and feel of your new website and as the number of visitors soars, you must be quite proud of the work you have put in and how it is rewarded in terms of visitors and their comments. But as your site becomes popular, there is a major worry that webmasters face and that is spam. While it might not seem a major hurdle right now but as your site grows it becomes the one, the only way to avoid spam is to get a spam filter for your site. Not only does it help you fight spam, it also helps you maintain a clean site for your growing number of visitors. Today, we will review CleanTalk, a premium anti-spam service available for webmasters which works with an efficiency of 99.998%.

Why CleanTalk?

Traditional spam fighting methods involve answering some questions or doing some basic math or worse still, identifying some hard to read text. Needless to say, these methods distract users from the comments they want to make or feedback they would like to give. Rather many people simply refrain from commenting because the CAPTCHA looks tough. CleanTalk instead simplifies the whole process of commenting and allows users to write to their hearts content and publish without asking to verify if they are human. Once the comment is posted, the CleanTalk plugin connects to its cloud server and checks if key parameters are okay and whether the comment is a genuine one. If yes, it simply posts it, if not, it blocks it for you immediately.

The best part about the plugin is that it does not take much a time to install the plugin on your site and once done, it remains invisible to your visitors. So, even the faithful most of your visitors will not recognize that you are trying to keep out spammers and the user experience of your site remains unaltered. If you are harassed by visitors who use foul language, CleanTalk stops them immediately and holds them for moderation by you so that you can ensure that your site remains clean for all your visitors.

Anti-spam filters usually work for comments but cannot do much else. This is where CleanTalk stands out from other anti-spam plugins because it does not work on comments alone but also checks registrations, contact emails, orders, bookings, subscriptions, opinion polls, widgets etc. for any spam activity and blocks it immediately. The advantage of using a cloud based service is your spam protection is updated on an everyday basis and you do not fall prey to any new spamming activity that has mushroomed recently. CleanTalk also lists IPs that is suspect of spamming and fraudulent activities on its website and you can check its recently updated list before you even subscribe to the service.

The Spam Firewall

Additionally, CleanTalk also offers a Spam Firewall service. This spam firewall checks each and every visitor of your site, without affecting user experience and if it is a spam bot does not allow the visitor to reach your site. This ensures that all traffic reaching your sites servers is genuine and is not spam. This way, your servers’ well as your resources remain available for all genuine visitors and are not spent on spamming or fraudulent users.

Just like its signing up process, the CleanTalk dashboard is also pretty simple. It gives you details of all requests that are logged onto your site while also allowing you to create private black lists for the anti-spam service as well as the firewall service. It also gives you the freedom to block users from a particular country or group of countries and even block comments using certain stop words that are unique to your site.


CleanTalk’s anti-spam services are available on a yearly contract that can be cancelled or upgraded any time. Irrespective of the package you take, CleanTalk gives you infinite number of spam checks. Offers for Anti-spam services start at $8 for 1 website and are available for 3, 5, 10, 20, 30 and 40 websites (price being $160 for a year). All the anti-spam services remain exactly the same irrespective of the package you take and you can even start with a free 7 day trial before committing to a package of your choice.

Final Words

Overall, CleanTalk offers a great service for all types of website users irrespective of the platform they use for their content management. With affordable pricing and a wide variety of features that deliver good protection as well as complete control on your website, CleanTalk is a tool that is a must have in a webmaster’s kitty. CleanTalk is quick to install and works like a charm against all spam bots and fraudulent IPs and keeps your website safe from harm.

Adding Multi-Column Content In Your WordPress Blog

Advanced WP Columns

It is pretty much common that you will be interested in adding multi-column content in your WordPress blog. The end purpose can be anything you wish of BUT the decision of adding multi-column will leads toward better prospect in creating a clear post. In this article, we will be going to discuss on how one can add multi-column content layout.

Steps To Follow

  • You need to install and activate the plugin name Advanced WP Columns plugins.
  • On activation, go to a post or page edit screen in your WordPress dashboard where you will notice a new button name “Advanced WP Columns” in the visual editor.
  • On clicking, it will allow you to easily create column layouts.
  • You get an option on to choose anything from pre-set two, three or four column layouts.
  • On selection, now all you have to do is to drag the Add button to the columns bar to create a new column while if you want to delete a column, simply drag and drop the Remove button to the column you want to remove.

Plugin To Use: Advanced WP Columns

Advanced WP Columns plugin provides you to set up your blog content in the multiple columns using simple user interface, without any short codes.

More Info | Download

Top Reasons Why You Should Create A Blog For Your Business

It is imperative that your business gets the kind of publicity and awareness that will bring target customers and clients to you. Marketing and advertising have gone way beyond what it used to be. We are now in an era where relevant information is the most important tool to promote your products and services. If you want to become an authority in your field, you need to provide your target audience with the kind of information that will help them achieve their goals. One of the best ways to provide them with this information is through blogging. Your company blog could as well become a platform to advertise your products and services. Thinking of how to create a blog for your business? Here are some reasons why you should;


A blog for a business is a great marketing tool. With a blog, a business can begin to promote relevant information about their products and services to their target customers. A business can use interesting content to create compelling experiences about a product or service. You can use fictions, funny videos, comics to advertise something on your blog. As a business, frequent updating of the blog will attract new customers and clients. When readers see how consistent you are, they will patronize you. The blog could be used to drive traffic to the business.

Sharing information

Most companies and organizations are beginning to go into corporate blogging. This way, they can write about happenings in their industries, they can introduce new products and services, they can also write about their own endeavors and success, write about awards they’ve won, projects they’ve handled and the likes.


Apart from being a platform for information dissemination, a blog can also serve as a platform for getting feedback from clients and customers. A blog could be used to engage customers, ask for their ideas and opinions, and get their feedback about products and services. On the blog also, interaction and engagement could be emphasized and leveraged on. If your business has a blog, you could run competitions and contest for your fans. This will help create a strong bond between your business and your followers.

Crisis Management

At times, businesses get into messy issues. These times need to be handled well, accurate and timely information need to be sent out so as to stem the rise of grapevine. Perception is very important in the business world, and perception is formed from information gathered. Hence, in times of crisis, the blog serves as an official and proper way to pass information, explain things from the Organization’s point of view. With a blog, the organization can then begin to push out materials, press releases, official statements that will help journalists and the general public understand the matter and form intelligent opinions.

Data Bank Building

Every business wants to have a list of potential clients and their details. A goal of any serious business sis to have the contact details of potential clients in your industry so that they can be marketed to. One way businesses have been achieving this is through blogging. With blogging, businesses can create content that will make the readers/followers hungry for more. This done, the readers are then led to fill an online form which tells them they can always get awesome content regularly if they subscribe. This way, the details that were filled gets to the hands of the Organization, which can then use it for marketing, though subtle and covert marketing is what should be done.

It is highly imperative that a blog is created for your business. It is a very effective and inexpensive way to tell your story, pass information and market your products and services.

Showcase Your WordPress Themes & Websites At Wp-Radar.com Today


When working with WordPress themes, one can come across certain difficulties. It can be a technical one or simply one involving the look of the theme, a little about a side bar sticking out too much or a page behaving erratically on another device. Where do you seek help? Forums, ask a friend, ask the guys who made the theme? How about asking someone who has actually used the theme? One can get theme reviews on the site but not necessarily know how sites of other users look and behave. WP-Radar is a brand new solution to this problem, where you can find other users with the same theme, in an instant.

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, WP-Radar is a very young IT start-up but contains more than 35,000 websites and a collection of over 7000 WordPress themes. The site uses a crawler to get this information and is adding new sites and themes everyday to its broad database. Users can also simply submit their websites to the site and gain access to information about other users using similar themes. Exchange of information pertaining to theme and websites occurs in a secure area that can only be accessed by members of the site. Membership is free for all but you need to register yourself first. Once you log in, you can contact site owners and seek answers to tweaks that you are looking to make.


The idea behind WP-Radar is to bring users of WordPress themes onto a common platform where they can exchange information. However, certain users might not want to share information such as the theme being used for their popular website. In such a scenario, a simple contact form can be filled and sent to WP-Radar that will delist your site and theme information from their database.

However, WP-Radar is not just a congregation of WP Theme users. By bringing on board, theme developers as well, WP-Radar creates a new information channel that lets you address issues you face by seeking help from the best minds in the industry. With the experience of creating multiple themes and working with hundreds of customers, developers are the best help you can get and WP-Radar presents a unique opportunity to get in touch with the developing team of you theme.

An added advantage for developers to join the platform is the ability to showcase their new themes on the site. Since the site is free to use, this works like a great tool for free marketing of a brand new theme. Engaging with users on the site automatically increases a developer’s reputation, which can then be harnessed to promote the new theme as well. Additionally, you can also list your skills just as MySQL, Java, CSS etc. so that users looking for help in particular areas can find you easily.


But it’s not just the developer that gets promoted; a developing team can get together on this platform and create a portfolio to create a larger impression. WP-Radar lets you create an entire company portfolio that not only includes team members but also their responsibilities. Reviews from users can also highlight individual profiles, adding more credibility to your work and your team. So, the next time, your theme is appreciated, the people behind the theme get appreciation too! WP-Radar thus provides opportunity for individual as well as company growth.

Overall, WP-Radar is an innovative and young way to bring users and developers onto a common platform, increase conversations and also promote new themes to a more targeted audience. Promoted by Khomba Business Networking that stands for pointing forward, WP-Radar is the pointing users and developers to the future of WordPress theme usage and promotion. Led by a young entrepreneur Hein van Vlastuin, Khomba is a proud South African company looking for bring innovative solutions to South Africa and beyond. WP-Radar is their first offering and we really liked it. Try it out today for your WordPress themes and we are sure, you will like it too.

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